Sunday, February 7, 2010

BOM Quilt


December Block "PEACE"
November Block "HARMONY"

October Block "JOY"

September Block "HOMECOMING"

August Block "HAPPINESS"

July Block "HOPE"

June Block "FAITH"

April Block "FREEDOM"

March Block "FRIENDSHIP"

February Block "PROSPERITY"

January Block "HOSPITALITY"


Well I have finally started my first real quilt. I am in the process of creating this with my sister in law, Peggy. She is a pro at quilting so she is going to help me if i have any questions, which i am sure I will have so many of them :).

The quilt we are doing is a (BOM) Block of the month by Debbie Mumm. It is a Christmas theme. We started late, so we have to do 2 this month to catch up.

Here is a few pictures of the material I chose, and what the finished product will look like.


  1. Congrats Paula! And you make me giggle, Pro? Thanks but not really.....just trying and liking and continuing! :). Kudos for you for cutting to April. I am in the midst of sewing the first block and undoing the seams because my 1/4 inch seam allowance is to one of the basic rules is keep your seam allowances to 1/4inch.

    I will visit!

  2. Hey there, I just noticed your themed baggies! A Christmas theme! :) Cute!