Monday, February 8, 2010

Projects past and future for Madison

Here are a couple things that I have done for Madison! 
This first table I got from the back alley!  It was placed there to go to the dumb.  The top needed to be replaced as it had sat out in the rain for a few days.  My uncle helped with replacing that.  I painted it white and then replaced the handles with a wooden knobs and painted them with green sparkle paint.  My aunt found the chair at a antique store.  It was blue and red, so I painted it white and replaced the seat cover with the green cloth.

I bought the little table and chair at Ikea, it was not stained or painted.  I painted it the white and green trim to match her room.  I made the reversable table cloth and chair covers.

Here are some picture of Madison's Play House and the material I purchased to make some curtains for the windows and doorways.  My dad got the swing/playhouse from his boss, we added the slide and gave it a coat of paint and you would have thought we just purchased it from the store. 

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  1. Wow! You have design talent! I have yet to do anything to the house...still in reno and not having a licence makes it difficult to shop for curtains, blinds, rugs...etc...but now....I am eager to add the finishing touches.

    I love your curtain material for Madison's playhouse.They will be so nice! Easy to whip up too! Go Girl Go!